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Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials by Dr. Rob Stevens

The mineral exploration and mining industry is a dynamic, diverse and wealth-building sector in which a wide range of people are involved professionally or personally. At the same time, it is an industry based on applied science and technology with a lexicon not widely understood by many of these participants. This best-selling book bridges that gap.

Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials is an indispensable primer for anyone interested in the mineral exploration and mining industry but who does not have a background in the sector.

  • Need to make informed mining-related investment decisions?
  • Want to enhance your professional and work-related knowledge and insight?
  • Interested in exploration, discovery, geology and mining?

This richly illustrated book provides a thorough overview of the industry from the exploration phase to mine closure and includes a comprehensive glossary.

Available Now: A New Online Mining Essentials Short Course by Dr. Rob Stevens

This online short course which has been fully updated in January 2021 provides an engaging and informative overview of the mineral exploration and mining industry. It is an ideal course for anyone new to the industry of who wants to learn more about this dynamic sector and a great companion to the Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials book.

Professional Consulting Services by Dr. Rob Stevens

Dr. Rob Stevens is an engaging and dynamic trainer, facilitator, and project director for the mining industry who excels at helping people and organizations succeed. He is a skilled communicator and educator who is adept at combining technical expertise with training, team facilitation and project management to ensure projects excel. Rob is also an accomplished mining policy advisor for governments, associations, and industry.

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Book Reviews & Testimonials

“This book very successfully meets the objective of presenting an overview of the exploration and mining industry and I can highly recommend it to those in the business community dealing with the resources sector and to those students considering a career in the industry.”
John Clifford, PGeo.
"Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials is the single best book available for new mining investors. Using clear explanations and quality illustrations, Dr. Stevens takes complex geological concepts and makes them understandable for investors. It is the best primer for those who want to build a depth of knowledge about mineral exploration and mining."
Bill Powers, MiningStockEducation.com – December 2021